4 Services to Consider before Moving Internationally

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4 Services to Consider before Moving Internationally

21 April 2016
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Whether you are planning to relocate to another country for a few years or permanently, moving internationally is not an easy task. Before you solidify your plans, consider the variety of services available to make your transition seamless.

1. International Accounting

Before you leave, you will need to determine how to address your finances and taxes. You should find an accountant who is familiar with international taxes, especially if you are self-employed or part of your year's income will be earned in the United States. Establishing a relationship with an accountant before you leave will make it easier to file your taxes for both countries on time and prevent you from owing unnecessary money to the government in both countries.

If you are self-employed, make sure you understand any business regulations before you leave for your new country. Many people make a sizable online income through affiliate marketing or selling items using third-party platforms. Some common programs, such as Amazon Affiliates or Google AdSense, may not be available in every country. Additionally, you need to determine if popular online payment methods are allowed in your new country if your income is dependent on using online payment processors.

2. Healthcare

It may come as a culture shock if you move from a country where doctors and dentists are on almost every corner to one where medical professionals are in short supply. Before you move, you need to determine the resources available for medical care and the types of medical care they provide. If you are currently insured, find out how your insurance changes in another country. Some private insurers may cover some of your medical costs while you are in another country. This may be enough coverage to give you a safety net while you find out how to secure insurance in your new country.

If you have ongoing medical needs, such as for a chronic disease, the type of medication you currently take may not be available in the new country. When possible, ask your current doctor if they will give you a prescription for several months' worth of medication so you do not run out before you find a new doctor and alternative treatment plan.

3. Cultural Education

Cultural education is more than knowing the language. Learning about the culture is essential before you move to avoid problems that can be considered disrespectful. Some concerns may occur when you consider gender norms for dress and behavior. Some cultures require women to be fully clothed and wear headdresses, which can be a sharp contrast when you are accustomed to wearing shorts during the summer. Shoes may not be permitted in some establishments, especially places of worship or while dining. Other seemingly minor cultural details can include the customary way to eat food. It is best to learn as much as you can before arriving in your new country, particularly if you want to blend in a little quicker.

4. Moving and Storage

When you are planning an international move, you want to choose a moving and storage company that actually specializes in international relocation. Typically, these companies will have a range of services available to meet your needs and experience with different parts of the world. You should also consider your needs based on how long you plan to be away. Moving your whole house can be unnecessarily expensive if you only plan to move away for a few years or less. If you do not plan to relocate permanently, it may be less expensive to keep most of your items in a storage unit. For long-term storage, invest in climate-controlled units to ensure your belongings are not in extreme temperatures or high humidity. Find an international moving and storage company through a website like http://www.hollandermoving.com/.

Relocating internationally requires access to numerous services to handle important factors before you leave. By utilizing the wide range of services available, you can face fewer bumps in the road to your new residence.