Factors That Can Increase The Price You Are Quoted For Local Moving Services

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Factors That Can Increase The Price You Are Quoted For Local Moving Services

6 July 2022
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Prior to hiring local movers to help you with your move, you should obtain estimates from multiple moving companies. This allows you to see how much your move will cost and find a company that offers fair pricing for the services you need. Prior to obtaining estimates, many people look online or talk to friends and family to see how much hiring movers may cost. However, no two moves are the same, and your move may cost more or less than others. Here are a few of the factors that may increase the price that you are quoted for local moving services. 

Utilizing Packing Services

Having local movers pack for you helps you to save time and helps to prevent items from being damaged during a move. Unfortunately, packing every item in your house is time-consuming, so the price you pay when you utilize packing services will be much higher than packing yourself and hiring local movers to load, unload and transport your goods. 

Having a Multi-Story Home

Moving items up and down the stairs can be tedious and a lot of work. As such, if you live in a two- or three-story home, or even in a condo located up multiple flights of stairs, you can expect to pay a bit more for your move compared to someone who lives on the ground floor or in a one-story home. 

Not Having Parking in Front Of Your Home

Loading up a moving truck is easy for movers if they can park in your driveway or directly in front of your home. But, if they cannot, they may have to park further away, which increases the amount of time it will take them to load or unload the moving truck. This increases the cost of your move. 

Having Large or Heavy Items That Need to Be Moved

If you have more furniture than the average person, or you have items that are larger or heavier than normal, such as a piano or an industrial-grade tool bench, you can expect to pay more to hire local movers. Heavier items take longer to lift and need to be carefully secured and transported. 

Moving On Weekends, Holidays, or In the Summer

Finally, the time of year during which you move can affect how much you will pay for local movers. Movers are more in demand on weekends, over holidays, and during the summer. Moving in the offseason or on a weekday may help you to save some money with your move. 

Hiring a mover to pack for you, having a multi-story home, having no parking directly in front of your home, having multiple large or heavy pieces, or moving during peak moving time can all cost you when it comes to the price you will pay for moving. However, hiring movers can still be beneficial, as it saves you from having to lift and move heavy items and can help to make your move as stress-free as possible. 

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