What Impacts The Cost Of Your Move?

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What Impacts The Cost Of Your Move?

8 August 2023
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If you and your family are going to be moving from one home to another, hiring movers is likely a good solution. However, one thing you're likely very curious about is how much it's going to cost for you to hire a moving company. This varies from household to household and from move to move, but these are a few things that will generally impact the cost of hiring a moving company.

How Big Is Your Home?

When giving you an estimate, one thing that many moving companies will look at is the number of rooms in your home. After all, this gives them a general idea of how much work there will be to do. Naturally, moving from a studio apartment will generally be much more affordable than moving from a three or four-bedroom house, for example.

How Much Stuff Do You Have?

Even though the size of your home will likely have an impact on your estimate, the amount of "stuff" that you and your family members have will have an impact, too. After all, if you have a two-bedroom home that is full of furniture and other belongings, your move will likely be more expensive than if you had a bigger home but never filled it with furniture and other household belongings.

Do You Have Big and Bulky Items?

A moving company will often ask if you have big and bulky items that have to be moved, such as a piano or a lawn tractor. If you do have to move these bigger items, you may have to pay more.

Are You Handling the Packing Yourself?

Some people choose to handle most or all of the packing themselves when moving, while others prefer to make use of the packing services offered through their moving company. If you go with the latter option, it can increase the cost of your move. Many people find it's worth it because they don't have to do nearly as much work, however. Plus, professionals will likely be more experienced at packing up your items in a way that will help keep them protected during the move.

How Far Is Your New Home?

Perhaps one of the biggest things that will impact the cost of your move is just how much distance there is between your old home and the home that you're moving to. Generally, local moves are a whole lot cheaper than long-distance moves. This doesn't mean that there aren't moving companies that will help you with a long-distance move. In fact, there are companies that will help even if you're relocating thousands of miles away from your current location. However, they may charge by the mile, so this is something you should keep in mind when preparing to pay for your move.

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