5 Items That Can Help Make Packing Up And Moving Your Kitchen Easier

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5 Items That Can Help Make Packing Up And Moving Your Kitchen Easier

21 May 2015
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The Holmes and Rahe stress scale considers moving to be a high-stress life event. When you are handling your own household move, there are a lot of boxes to pack and checklists to complete. One of the most time consuming and difficult rooms to pack is your kitchen because your kitchen has many pieces, a lot of which are fragile or heavy. Here are five items that can help you pack this difficult and time-consuming room, making your move less stressful.

Foam Plates

As you begin to pack your kitchen plates, use a package of foam plates as padding. When you layer your plates with a couple of foam plates between each one, this will give them the cushion to help keep them from breaking. Set the plates on their ends inside the box, not on top of one another. Placing plates on top of one another will create a great deal of weight that can cause the lower plates on the stack to get damaged. 

You can still use the foam plates when you get in your new place and they will save you money on your packing materials.

Moving Shrink Wrap

A roll of moving shrink wrap will be one of the best items you can get from a moving supply store. This cling-type wrap is easy to wrap around furniture or other items quickly to prepare them for moving. This type of plastic wrap is also great for packing your silverware drawer. 

Wrap the shrink wrap around your entire silverware holder with the silverware inside. This wrap will keep your silverware in place so it doesn't spill out into the moving box during your move. This also works great to wrap up your counter top utensil jar full of wooden spoons and spatulas. 

Clothing and Linens

You are going to need to pack up your clothing, so why not use it as packing material instead? You can save yourself some extra money by not having to get bubble wrap for your drinking glasses, mugs and other small and fragile dishes. 

A t-shirt is the perfect size to wrap around a drinking glass before packing it in a moving box. Any clothing made from knit fabric also works well. But, you may not want to use clothing as packing materials if they tend to wrinkle easy because they will be wrinkled when you unpack them. 

Bathroom towels, kitchen towels, tablecloths, throws, and bedding materials also make great cushion to wrap around your breakable dishes. 

Food Donation Container

When you are limited in the weight or number of boxes you can take on your move, you will need to downsize your household. Have you ever considered donating some of your unopened food items to a local shelter to help you downsize for a move? Instead of moving all your pantry items, donate some of the more heavy ones and you will make your move that much lighter. This helps you to get rid of some heavy items you would normally have to move, and you will help out the needy.

Pantry items, such as canned food, bottled juices, and bags of flour or sugar are all relatively heavy. When they are packed together inside a moving box, their weight adds up. One 12-pack of soda can weigh over ten pounds

Plastic Wrap

Your kitchen plastic wrap can help keep many opened bottles and jars of food from spilling during the move. Remove the lid from the container and cover the container's opening with plastic wrap, then replace the lid on the container. The plastic wrap will keep the liquid contents from leaking out. Use this technique on items such as opened condiments, juice, sauces, and dressings. 

Use these items and tips to help make packing and moving your kitchen more simple and less stressful. You can click here for more info about how to make your move easier.