Moving Just Across The Canadian Border: Why Storage In The U.S. Is A Good Idea

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Moving Just Across The Canadian Border: Why Storage In The U.S. Is A Good Idea

9 July 2017
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If you live "really up north" in the U.S., you probably live very close to the Canadian border. When your boss asks you to relocate just over that border, you will need to hire an international moving company and look at moving companies that offer storage. Problem is, should you store your belongings here in the U.S. on this side of the border, or just over the border in Canada? Here is why storage on the U.S. side of the border is a good idea:

The Moving Company Has Storage Here

Regardless of the fact that you are hiring an international mover to take you over the Canadian border, they have their storage units here.  These are belongings which were in the U.S. first, and if you keep them here, they do not have to go through customs checks just to get to your new Canadian home. Your stuff is taken from your U.S. home and placed in the moving company's storage here for safe keeping and lower international moving fees.

If You Are Relocated Back to the U.S., Your Stuff Is Here

That is the funny thing about job relocation. You may only be in Canada six months or a year, and then your boss will have you move back. If that happens, then all of your stuff that you put in storage with the moving company is still here. It is ready to be moved back into your new home/apartment in the U.S., which is a lot easier than trying to get all of your stuff out of your Canada home and get it to your new place back in the states.

It Costs Less to Store It Than Move It Back and Forth

Finally, it should be noted that it costs less to move your things into storage and pay monthly storage fees than it does to constantly move it back and forth over the Canadian/U.S. border. Customs fees, import/export fees, international moving fees, etc. may all apply depending on the moving company you hire and the province to which you are being relocated. This is especially true if you already know that you are only going to Canada for work for three or four months and then coming back.

Storage for that time is much cheaper here in the U.S., and it is definitely cheaper than moving it back and forth. You will have a greater sense of security knowing that your stuff is safe in your home country. It also helps to know that the same moving company storing your stuff will be the ones to help you put it back when you return to the U.S.

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