So You're Moving To A New City

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So You're Moving To A New City

16 July 2018
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Are you moving your family to a new city because of a job change? Perhaps you are lucky enough to work from home and you've just decided that you want to move to a new city because you want a change in your life. Whatever the reason for the move, you are probably having different feelings about it. Sure, it's an adventure to meet new people and have new experiences; however, it might also be a bit sad to leave friends and family members behind. You might be nervous about your new job, too. And, of course, there's the fact that your belongings have to be packed and moved to your new place of residence. From organizing before the movers arrive to making a chart for your movers to follow, here are some ideas that might help the packing and moving part easier as you move to your new city.

Go Through Your Belongings

You'll probably want to involve family members in this part of your organization as you get ready to move. After all, if you get rid of a favorite toy, there might be tears later on; or you might think that a magazine is ready to be tossed because it's so worn, yet later on you might find that it was a special magazine to your teenager. Best to be safe and let family members get rid of their own stuff. Think of designating one day for each of you to go through your personal belongings. Remind everybody to put aside things that they want to keep with them during the move. Then use a second day, maybe even a third, for the family to go through the entire house to get it organized. For example, if there are movies out of their jackets, get those taken care of.

Make A Detailed Chart

Think of creating a chart that the movers can use once they arrive at your new home -- it might be easier to do than you imagined. For example, cut out pink pieces of construction paper that represent furniture that will go into your little girl's room. Cut out pieces of blue construction paper for the furniture that will go into your son's room. Next, put a large piece of the colored construction paper on the furniture itself, and then designate on the chart into which room those pieces go. When the movers arrive at your new residence, there won't be any question as to where the furniture goes. 

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