How to Move More Affordably When Using a Moving Company

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How to Move More Affordably When Using a Moving Company

23 September 2020
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Most of the advice you'll get when you request tips for moving inexpensively will be some version of "do it yourself!" This works for some people. However, if you are busy, have a lot of heavy furniture, or don't want to drive a large moving truck across the state, then it may not work for you. Can you move affordably while still using a moving company? Yes, you can; here's how.

1. Have friends help you pack.

Most moving companies offer what they call a full-service move, which includes packing and sometimes unpacking. They also offer a la carte services — for instance, you can have them put everything that has been pre-packed into a moving truck, drive it to your new home, and leave it piled in the living room. Packing is one of the most time-consuming aspects of moving, but it is also the part of moving that requires the least skill. Buy some equally-sized boxes to make things easier on your movers, and then put your items inside. This will save you having to pay the movers for half of the day or so that they might spend packing.

2. Leave unnecessary items behind.

The more your movers have to move, the more they will charge you. That makes this the perfect time to downsize your collection of things! If you need a little inspiration, read some books about tidying or about minimalism. You can donate items you don't need, sell things that are in good condition, and throw away things that are broken, stained, or too old to make use of.

3. Be flexible with your moving date.

Some moving companies charge different rates on different days of the week. For instance, one moving company might charge more on weekends since they are in the most demand. If you can be open with your moving dates, then you can call a moving company and ask what days they can move you at a more affordable rate. Book one of the cheaper days and plan your move around that schedule.

4. Move valuables yourself.

Movers generally offer some insurance, which is a very good thing. If they damage or lose your items, you will be compensated. However, the more valuable your items, the more you will have to pay for this insurance. By moving valuable items like your jewelry and coins yourself, you can save on insurance costs.

There are ways to save money, effort, and time. You don't have to choose between doing it all on your own and hiring movers. Contact a local moving company to learn more.