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So You’re Moving To A New City

16 July 2018
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Are you moving your family to a new city because of a job change? Perhaps you are lucky enough to work from home and you've just decided that you want to move to a new city because you want a change in your life. Whatever the reason for the move, you are probably having different feelings about it. Sure, it's an adventure to meet new people and have new experiences; however, it might also be a bit sad to leave friends and family members behind. Read More …

Unpacking 2 Common Moving Myths

1 March 2018
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Moving can be an overwhelming process. However, the right amount of planning and organization can decrease the stress associated with moving day. Unfortunately, many people believe a few myths related to moving. These beliefs can lead to time-consuming, costly, and stressful mistakes. By debunking these myths, you can reduce the headache of moving day. Hiring Movers Is Too Expensive One of the most common myths people believe is that hiring professional movers is too expensive. Read More …

Moving Just Across The Canadian Border: Why Storage In The U.S. Is A Good Idea

9 July 2017
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If you live "really up north" in the U.S., you probably live very close to the Canadian border. When your boss asks you to relocate just over that border, you will need to hire an international moving company and look at moving companies that offer storage. Problem is, should you store your belongings here in the U.S. on this side of the border, or just over the border in Canada? Here is why storage on the U. Read More …

3 Things You Should Do When Making A Long Distance Move

15 June 2016
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So you have decided to move to a new city or state. There are a lot of great reasons to make such a big move. For instance, people are often willing to make a drastic move for better employment opportunities and affordable housing. Before you can make a long distance move, you need to work on packing all of your belongings. When you have a lot of different possessions, it might seem like a tedious chore to get it all done. Read More …

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Place for Your New Piano

25 April 2016
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If you've just bought your first piano, the hunt is probably on to find the right place to keep it. You can't put a piano just anywhere, though. There are many different factors to consider. A properly stored and cared for piano will last for many years and may even become a family heirloom. Before you settle on the space where you're going to put your new piano, think about the following factors. Read More …