Learning About Preparing Items For Storage

I am here to talk to you about preparing your items for long- and short-term storage. Learn about stacking and arranging your items to prevent damage.

Moving On A Temporary Assignment? How Should You Store Your Household Belongings?

1 April 2016
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Whether you're employed by the military, the Peace Corps, or a private-sector employer with branches in foreign countries, you may find yourself facing an overseas assignment that can take you away from home for a year or longer. If you're single and don't yet own a home, paying rent on a house or apartment simply to hold your furniture may seem like a waste of money. On the other hand, trying to offload as much of your belongings as possible before leaving may have you scrambling to replace crucial items (like a mattress) immediately upon your return, and the idea of renting out or subletting your home to a stranger may be unappealing as well. Read More …

Tips For Keeping Books Safe And Dry While In A Storage Unit

31 March 2016
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If you recently inherited a large collection of books and need a place to temporarily store them, you could always rent a storage shed. Storage sheds comes in many sizes, and they offer the perfect place for storing almost anything you might have. If this book collection is full of rare, valuable, or unique books, you may want to take the following steps to make sure your new book collection stays safe and dry while it is stored in the unit. Read More …

5 Items That Can Help Make Packing Up And Moving Your Kitchen Easier

21 May 2015
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The Holmes and Rahe stress scale considers moving to be a high-stress life event. When you are handling your own household move, there are a lot of boxes to pack and checklists to complete. One of the most time consuming and difficult rooms to pack is your kitchen because your kitchen has many pieces, a lot of which are fragile or heavy. Here are five items that can help you pack this difficult and time-consuming room, making your move less stressful. Read More …